Chinese New Year 2017 | Chinese New Year Animals 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 and Chinese New Year animals 2017 with the Chinese New Year history we are here to give you knowledge in detail about the Chinese New Year.

What they do when their Chinese New Year history comes, what are the ways to celebrate, what are the activities on New Year and much more information. How are the people of china and much more specialty about the Chinese people that you should know!Chinese New Year 2017I’m sure you will get good information and will have good interest after reading all the important information about the tradition and the culture in detail, so we should start;

New Year In China

New years day that starts on January 1, this marks the start of the year in the “Gregorian calendar” and many countries have the holiday on this day as a public holiday.

A countdown to Chinese New Year history no matter in which country you are and on 12 am, Chinese New Year 2017 celebrations starts

All over the world, New Year is welcomed by crackers and fires and many different ways to celebrate it.Chinese New Year 2017New Year celebrations vary widely across all the world with more than 1000 cultures.Many parents give presents to their children and family members on the New Year day. They welcome the New Year and have some hopes that this year will bring happiness for them.

The most popular holiday in japan is of Chinese New Year 2017 day, the way to celebrate the New Year and most commonly have a birthday on a particular day.Chinese New Year 2017Scotland has given the name of this holiday, which is called as “Hogmanay”.

Mostly people in the world of the last day of year and sleep at home to wake up in the night to welcome the New Year.

Many people organize traditional food in lunch and in dinner in the celebration of the New Year according to their culture.Chinese New Year 2017Many of the countries organize army parade to welcome the Chinese New Year 2017 and all the parades are shown on T.V

Gregorian calendar was introduced by “Pope Gregory XIII” in 1582. In Europe, it was adopted quickly in some areas but not in all.

It is the very important thing to note that all the religion and societies do not follow the Gregorian calendar, they follow their own calendar made by their religion. For example ISLAM, COPTIC, JEWISH, HINDU and much more.

What Is Chinese New Year?

Chinese New Year starts from 28 January to 20 February. They do not follow the Gregorian calendar, they have their religious calendar. Chinese people follows the lunar calendar, unlike all others. A lunar month is 2 days shorter than the solar month.

Before the coming of New Year, people of china decorate their homes and offices to welcome their new year.Chinese New Year 2017The Chinese people have 7 days of celebration of the New Year.

China’s religion has 12 different names of years, when all the 12 are completed, they again start from 1.

The coming year of china is the year of ROSTER.
These people celebrate their new year very traditionally.

On the arrival of Chinese New Year animals 2017, the Chinese people make the traditional dishes, which the family eats comb in on a table.

When the Chinese New Year history comes, they enjoy it with the fire cracks and by singing the traditional songs.

People do shopping, buy presents for their relatives and then arriving at their home, they enjoy the New Year and the holidays.Chinese New Year 2017

When the New Year comes, no modern dishes but, the traditional food and dishes are served to their relatives.

The dinner of new year eve is the most important dinner for the Chinese .all the family members which are away from home, comes at home before the new year, and joins the dinner are enjoy the dinner with the family.

FISH, CUSTOMARILY, will be served in the Chinese New Year animals 2017 eve.

In northern china, DUMPLING is the most important dish served on the New Year eve. But very few of the people use dumpling in the New Year eve.

They mostly use FISH and CUSTOMARILY on the New Year eve.

Chinese New Year Traditions

  • Fireworks are used in china to spit out all the evils from the country. And these fireworks starts exactly after the 12 am on new year event is their religious believe that the one who launches the fireworks by himself will have the good luck, this why they have a tradition of  using fire cracks on the new year eve. It’s they believe that fireworks help them to make run the evil inside every person and to bring peace in them.Chinese New Year 2017
  • “SHOU SUI; it means after the New Year eve”. All the family members of the home will keep awake during all the night. Many of the people stay up until the midnight after the fire cracks. According to religious stories of China, there was a beast which they named “YEAR”. At the midnight eve, that beast will come out and will bring destruction to all, to be safe and secure from him, many of people blow fire cracks after the midnight because that beast is feared from the red color and from the loud noise.
  • Red packets: it’s an envelope which contains money. These packets are given by the adults especially from couple and parents to their children and young is their believe that the evil is scared of red color, it will keep them out from the range of evil and will be Chinese and healthy, and will live happily.
  • Decoration: people decorate their homes and offices with real excitement. It is theirs believes that by decorating them, we will get much happiness and success.Chinese New Year 2017
  • Cleaning: just one day before the New Year, all the people completely clean their homes and offices that no evil of previous year should be with us. There should be no evil.

Chinese New Year Holidays

The holidays of Chinese New Year animals 2017 starts from the first day of New Year. And these holidays last for 6 days and 7th comes on Sunday, so the total of 7 holidays for the people of china in which they celebrate the New Year with their traditions.

Chinese New Year 2017

Chinese New Year Messages

“This Chinese New Year 2017 May Good Luck And Prosperity follow you wherever you go, And may (Lady Luck) scare Away any misfortune That was planning tο come yοur way.”

“Τhis is where ωe showcase cultural hοlidays such as Ηanukkah, Κwanzaa, Chinese New Year animals 2017and Τhe Winter Sοlstice.”Chinese New Year 2017

Fun, Jοy, Happiness, Ρeace, Lοve, Luck, Will Cοme Νear, ωith Μy Especial Wish.

Chinese Νew Year!

Τhe Chinese New Year 2017 Ιs telling υs, Dο Νot Cry Fοr the 0ld Υear, Οpportunities Are Looking Αt Us, Grab Τhem Αnd Forget Yοur Fear!

Μay Yοu Have The Pοckets 0f Ηappiness, Τhat Will Αttract Αll The G00d ωishes, Τhis Year, Ι Αm Ρutting First Wish Ιn It, Βy Wishing Y0u Α Very Chinese Νew Year!Chinese New Year 2017

“Α lot of Ρeople, Τhey get Αll caught up Ιn the New Υear’s resolution thing Αnd I think Ιt gives them Αn easy ωay, later, tο say, ‘Οh, Τhat was just Α New Year’s resolution’ Αnd does not take Ιt seriously. Ρeople who really ωant to Μake changes can Μake them the Αny day of Τhe year, whether Ιt is the Jewish Νew Year, Τhe Chinese New Υear or any day Τhat suits Τhem. You’ve got Very day of your life to make changes.”

Images of Chinese New Year

Here we have some great pictures of chines culture and traditions that how they celebrate their new year
Chinese New Year 2017chines-new-year-2 Chinese New Year 2017Chinese New Year 2017

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